Published: Nov. 27, 2016
Authors: L.A Richards, S.W Best
Words: 67,110
Language: English
ISBN: 9781370421985
Versions: Kindle, NOOK, iBooks
Publisher: Bowker - Silver Dog Publications


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Tribes, written by S.W Best, L.A Richards, follows a struggling family who have managed to survive the worst cataclysmic event to rock and shatter the modern world. Our story begins seven years after the apocalypse, better known as ‘the reckoning’. To survive, the young family must do everything they can, Pillage, salvage, steal and fight when there is no other options available. Societies collapse are not the only terrors they have to face.

The story is set in north-east England, in one of the world’s most dangerous, broken cities, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where gangs have become organised and have established tribal laws. But it gets worse, Blake is questioning (Elisia) his wife’s love towards him. Elisia, is fighting demons of her own and becoming more fragile with every passing day, while their baby daughter (Megan) is medically dependent, and their medicine supply is running dangerously low.

Finding medicine is difficult and dangerous, but Blake knows that one of the tribes has a supply on a defunct, rusty ship which is permanently docked in the harbour a few miles from their abode. This leads Blake and his trusted companion Diesel, (husky) to risk everything and put their lives in danger; they have no choice but to sneak on-board the vessel to steal the much needed medicine.

Unfortunately all does not go to plan. 




There is strength in all of us. It just needs to be awakened.

Format: Kindle Edition

What would it be like to live in a world where society has collapsed? Where you would have to risk death just to find food for your family? Blake Summers is a man who must deal with what is called "THE RECKONING." The world as he once knew it is gone. Every step you take with him could be a death trap. Electricity, heat, luxuries we take for granted that are considered necessities now days such as television, computers, cell phones? There is no such thing. Gone in a matter of months. No government, just ruin and destruction. Rogue gangs have taken over now. Some have developed tribes. They are to be feared way more then the gangs. It's not a pretty story "BLAKE SUMMERS TRIBES." The world coming to an end as we all know it isn't going to be.
There is a very well written story here where we get a glimpse of what it might take to be a survivor. I read the book in less then 24 hours, absolutely could not put it down. Despite the darkness of the content, there are characters we can identify with. They give us some form of hope, and light. When reading I like to look for those hidden gems, a character who is certainly not the main protagonist, but very important to what they add to the story. Green Fingers, a simple man, a gardener of sorts. You will meet him a little further along. May we all be blessed to know such a person. In a world as we know it now, or in this incredible tale of pure gritty survival. Hang on tight for the ride of your life! It is a fantastic read. "STRENGTH TO YOU" as you turn every page...

Thank you S.W. Best, L.A. Richards. Beautifully done!


A thrilling science fiction adventure.

Format: Kindle Edition
"Tribes" is a formidable science-fiction thriller! Set in a futuristic post apocalyptic world, Blake Summers survives an event called "The Reckoning" only to find his life and the lives of his family still in peril. Devoid of all comforts of our world, he must find a way to feed himself and his family in this new world where there is no government, no law, and no fear of God. He must now fight against the gangs and Tribes investing the land as he struggles to provide a safe haven for those he loves. The characters are truly terrifying, however the authors, SW Best and LA Richards retrieve faith in mankind with characters such as "Green Fingers." I will look forward to the next book in this saga, and I suggest this story for any science-fiction fan. A massive 5 star rating, and looking forward to the continuation of a marvellous read.

In this post-apocalyptic world, survival is everything.

Format: Kindle Edition
Blake Summers used to have it all. A rising star in the entrepreneur world, he lived a life most of us could only wish for. Aston Martins, a swanky penthouse apartment, all on the banks of the Tyne river.
But it would never last.
In a flash, the entire world broke out in a riot. Governments were overthrown, and society as we knew it fell apart. Blake watched his city burst open at the seams, and he knew he had to survive.

Now, seven years later, Blake feels like maybe he's doing alright. His home is outside the city, protected from prying eyes and tribal raids, and he has a system in place for food and supplies. And, amidst the chaos of the new world, Blake managed to find love. His wife and daughter rely on him to survive, and so Blake and his trusted dog Diesel go out every day to keep them alive.

However, in this new world of uncertainty, one misstep could cost you your life.

When a mission goes horribly wrong, everything begins to spiral out of control. When Blake finds himself in the middle of a tribal dispute, Blake realizes that this may be the end of his life. But things take an unexpected twist, and Blake discovers that death is only one option. If he plays his cards right, Blake may come to find that hope still exists, even in the darkest of times.

This post-apocalyptic story is definitely not for the faint of heart! You follow Blake's story as he tries to keep himself and his family alive in a world with no rules. Tribes of people fought each other constantly, and terrorized anyone that crossed their path. Emotions run high and tense, and you never know what will happen next.

I enjoyed this story very much. It is fast-paced, gritty, and explores an interesting theory about how we adapt to a harsh living environment. However, it does have quite a few triggers embedded in the story. Blake encounters rape, brutal murders, alcoholism, drug use, and gladiatorial-style entertainment as he fights for survival, and anyone who is sensitive to these things may want to read something else.

Other than that, this book is amazing, and I look forward to seeing more about Blake and his Tribe!

Blake Summers Tribes
Format: Kindle Edition
You have a wife, Elisia, and a baby daughter Megan. Society and the rule of law as we know it has collapsed. It's dangerous to go outside but as the man of the family you feel it's your responsibility to find food and medicine for your family. You have no choice. You take your dog with you and everything seems okay for a while. You develop a routine of sorts, you have a secret stash and you think you know what you are doing, until you get caught up with one of the local tribes, with terrible consequences. Society is now run by these feudal tribes led by warlords with their own rules and punishments. It's a nightmare world of survival of the fittest, with no room for sentimentality.
Blimey. What a story. Recommended.

Something to think about in our own reality.
Format: Kindle Edition
This book is about the future – something we might consider happening to us, something we have to take very seriously – to live in a lawless world where simple tasks of feeding your family could get you killed. Then again, things like that are already happening in some parts of the world.
The story is well written, the characters are well developed. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes Sci-Fi.

This reminded me of I Am Legend and the computer animation work ‘Ruin’ by Wes Ball (both in a good way) but set for a change in
By Scott Pixello
Format: Kindle Edition
Blake Summers and his dog Diesel struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic cityscape, which reminded me of I Am Legend and the computer animation work ‘Ruin’ by Wes Ball (both in a good way) but set for a change in urban northern Britain rather than the US.
Blake has to fight for space, food and even his life amongst other survivors in a fast-paced story that will grab you from the opening and hold your interest. If you’re a fan of films like 28 Days Later or if you just like adventure and narratives with central characters battling for survival, this will tick all your boxes. A first-person narrator takes us inside the mind of Blake as he seeks to protect his young family and to find the truth behind the so-called Reckoning and make sense of the chaos that has engulfed everything he knows.

Format: Kindle Edition
This is a brilliant story, I loved reading every word, couldn't put it down, once I started to read it, There is lots of heartbreak and sadness and also lots of bravery for Blake Summers. and some nasty people he meets on the way, but does he get through it all? well you will have to buy the book to find out

Did find it shocking at the beginning when it was first person as if it was the character speaking about himself but soon loved
Format: Kindle Edition
Took a little time to get into it but in all fairness I had just finished another book a day before so may have started this too soon. Once three chapters in I began to settle in and found I was gripped all the way through. Did find it shocking at the beginning when it was first person as if it was the character speaking about himself but soon loved that part of it. Fully recommend this book and the one I read before by milo spires called Vampire Uprising.

Reading this was fun and I even checked to see if I could lend it to my mate but sadly it's locked to my device. Dont think, buy it.

Entertaining but Flawed
Format: Kindle Edition
Since discovering SF in my teens, I've always had a fondness for post-apocalyptic stories - be they the 'cosy catastrophes' of John Wyndham or the high octane thrill rides of Mad Max. So it was that I came to Tribes with a great deal of interest and no little excitement. So, did Tribes live up to my expectations?

For the most part it did.

Best and Richards have created a future that is chilling and believable. Although I've never visited the Newcastle area, their world building is enough to allow the imagination to fill in the gaps. Take a look around the more derelict areas of your home town and you can see how the world could easily slip into the one chronicled in Tribes. In some ways, this is the essence of good PA fiction - being able to see how the world of today could become that of the story with no more than a simple nudge.

The choice of first-person-present narration is an interesting one. It is a style that I am still undecided about and a difficult one to get right. In this case, the choice adds immediacy and a visceral quality to the unfolding story, sucking you into the narrative and refusing to let go. It allows the authors to move from melancholy or maudlin to fast paced action with the experience jarring the reader too much.

On the whole, the novel is well paced and, in many places, minimalist. By focusing on the character of Blake Summers, it allows the prose to keep to the point without the superfluous padding that can mar some tales. The plot is everything and every word is focused upon driving the story forward.

However, plot is not everything and the plot takes centre stage at the expense of character. While realising this is the first instalment in a series (and that characters can, and hopefully will, develop as the story arc moves on) there are times when a little more emphasis on character would reap a great reward. Probably my biggest bug-bear is the character of Meatcleaver. I'm sorry to say that, for the most part, he is a little too stereotypical of this kind of novel. While reading any scenes he appeared in, I just could not rid myself of a mental image of Isaac Hayes as the Duke in Escape From New York. There were many occasions when I could not help thinking that the character traits given to Grimm - the educated men forced to act in a barbaric manner through circumstance - might have suited Meatcleaver better. Similarly, the majority of the supporting cast also seemed to be stock characters. While in most cases, there is room for them to grow and develop as the series progresses. However, the character of Yakov is a little too much of a stock heavy. A little light and shade could have turned him into a truly memorable villain.

Finally we come to the character of Blake Summers. Too little is revealed about him from before The Reckoning. As such, something is lacking. A few more flashbacks, a greater sense of the man that he was, would have given the journey he is on much more of an emotional impact.

However, none of the above criticisms detract from what is an immensely readable and entertaining story. They simply prevent a good novel becoming a great one.